The LAUNCH Program offers Year 11 & 12 students the opportunity to study three higher education units through CHC for FREE (before finishing Year 12!).

Units from various courses can be completed online or on the CHC campus. Through LAUNCH you can get a taste of what you want to study before you graduate, finish your studies after school sooner, lower your education costs, and ease your admission process!

The LAUNCH program is designed as a pathway of admission to your higher education studies. When you successfully complete a LAUNCH unit, you automatically meet the academic entry requirements for admission to the related undergraduate course following completion of Year 12 (other entry requirements may also apply). If you are accepted into this program, you will also receive credit towards your degree for the related LAUNCH unit(s) you have successfully completed.

As a LAUNCH student, you will be part of a class of first-year CHC undergraduate students. The LAUNCH program is normally offered outside of school hours, and you will need to attend all of the required classes for the unit. LAUNCH units normally require three hours of on-campus or online contact per week and it is recommended that you undertake an additional seven hours of personal study each week (a total of 10 hours per week).

Some LAUNCH units are available externally/online. You do not need to attend any physical classes for external/online units, but you need to engage in the learning materials for approximately ten hours per week via the Moodle learning platform.

Just remember that these commitments are on top of your Year 11 and/or Year 12 study program.

You are eligible to apply for the LAUNCH program if:

  • You are currently in Year 11 or 12;
  • You are achieving ‘A’ or ‘B’ results in your school subjects (‘C’ results will be considered on a case-by-case basis);
  • You have the support of your school and your parents/guardians.

Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA):

For students completing the Queensland Certificate of Education, 鶹ýAV is required to inform the Queensland Studies Authority of students enrolled in the LAUNCH program and their resulting grades. This is for recording on the Queensland Certificate of Education. A LAUNCH unit is recorded as two credits of Advanced courses of study – it does not count towards your ATAR.

To enrol in a LAUNCH Unit, simply fill out our .

You will need to upload your most recent academic results and a letter of consent from your parents. You may also require a letter of consent from your school. If you don’t have these documents on hand, feel free to submit your application anyway and we will contact you regarding the documentation we require.

Enquiries about LAUNCH should be directed to: CHC Admissions Office

Email address:

Phone: 07 3347 7915

Study Area


Business BZ101 Business Communication
ܳپDz CE116 Christian Worldview and Teaching Practice 1

ES113 Educational Psychology: Learning and Development

ES116 Educational Psychology: Learning and Development

Social Sciences SO104 Communication Skills for Professional Practice
Ministries JA103 Biblical Studies in the New Testament
Unit Code Unit Name Sample
BZ100 Introduction to Business & Management Download
ES113 Educational Psychology: Learning and Development (P-6) Download
ES116 Educational Psychology: Learning and Development (7-12) Download
JA103 Biblical Studies in the New Testament Download
PHL100 Logic Download
HT101 A Map of Time: An Introduction to History Download
LIT101 Great Books of the Western World I Download
SO102 Introduction to Applied Social Theories Download