Get the skills you need to build your own business and a career in the new business world with meaning and integrity for the greater good.

We live in rapidly changing times which has led to a rising demand for a new way of doing business where values, sustainability and concern for people and the planet pave the pathway to profits. At CHC our focus is on quality business teaching for the real world with a values driven perspective where ethics is central to all we teach. Our goal is to prepare students to build businesses and have careers with meaning and integrity ready to succeed in the new world of business. This is the difference that sets CHC graduates apart.

A Bachelor of Business lets you transform your career across multiple industries and sectors from becoming an entrepreneur, not-for-profit or faith based, government or private practice and consulting. Explore our options and be prepared to lead in the new world of business while not compromising your beliefs.

Learning in a CHC Business degree involves theory and is also highly practical and hands on. Throughout your course you will have the opportunity to work with real world situations, develop client plans and be prepared for work in different business environments.

All of our undergraduate business students take part in a professional internship with an opportunity to spend time working on site with a business of your choice. This exciting culmination of the degree is something that our students often speak of as a highlight of their time at CHC.

Our postgraduate business students apply their learning to their workplaces and use case studies throughout their study so you are able to use your learning straight away. Work with real world scenarios so you step up ready to lead with your postgraduate qualification.

CHC offer high quality courses that industry accredited through TEXA and constantly evaluated to ensure the highest level of education.

At CHC we want to ensure cost isn’t a barrier to you succeeding. This is why our business courses are competitively priced without hidden fees. We also have scholarships and FEE help is available.

A business qualification allows you to customize your study to suit your needs. Within the undergraduate business degree, the first 8 subjects allow students to taste test the different areas needed for success in business. This provides a good background for business through core subjects such as management, marketing, business communication, economics and accountancy and allows you to get a feel for the area of business that might best suit you!

As you move ahead with your study the remaining subjects with the Business degree then allow you to customise your pathway by choosing a group of subjects called a major or minor within the area you might like to take forward in your career. Major and Minor areas of specialisation include Management, Accounting, Marketing & Business Administration.

The MBA program offers multiple pathways that allow for different study loads and specialisations to help you get the skills in the most efficient study option. The Graduate Certificate in Management and the Graduate Diploma in Management which are nested within the MBA. You can enter the program either through an undergraduate degree in business or demonstrated five (5) years of management experience.

Within the MBA specialised study options allow you to customise your learning to focus on your specific area of interest.

Get a head start with your degree while still at High School with the Launch program. Year 11 and 12 students are eligible to take free units in Business while still in high school. Find out more here.

We have a strong commitment to social justice at CHC and we offer unique insight into not-for-profit, Christian business and church based organisations. We want to inspire and equip the next generation of Christians into any industry they are called.

All of our Business courses are:

  • accredited by the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA) and appears on the National Register of Higher Education Providers.
  • approved for offering to overseas students and appears on the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS) (Diploma of Business and Bachelor of Business only).
  • approved for FEE-HELP.
  • approved for Youth Allowance/Abstudy and Austudy (eligibility requirements apply) (except MBA).

The Bachelor of Business with a major in Accounting is also:

  • accredited with Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CA ANZ) and appears in the Accredited Tertiary Courses (ATC) Listing of recognised academic qualifications. Graduates meet the educational requirements for entry into the CA Program.
  • accredited with CPA Australia and appears in the CPA list of accredited courses. Graduates meet the educational requirements for entry into the CPA Australia Program and are eligible for Associate Membership of CPA Australia.
  • approved by the Institute of Public Accountants for Associate Membership for graduates.


Learn the inner workings of ethical business and how to make the world a better place by good business practice.

鶹ýAV is a place where lives are transformed and people are equipped to make a difference in their world.

“Grow your mindset, not just your skillset”


Learn the inner workings of ethical business and how to make the world a better place by good business practice.

鶹ýAV is a place where lives are transformed and people are equipped to make a difference in their world.


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