Student Services exists to provide academic, personal, and pastoral support to students within the CHC community. We foster an environment in which all students can flourish through access to support services.

This holistic care creates a vibrant community in which you are encouraged to reach your study goals and have a rewarding tertiary experience. Student services implement programs and activities, and provides resources to support your learning and personal journey at CHC. We are here to help.

Learn more about the support services available to you by contacting the relevant support team you need from the menu.

For other inquiries:


Email: studentservices@chc.edu.au

We want every student to experience success at CHC. To help you achieve this, we offer CHC students free Study Support through Student Services.

Student Academic Support is about much more than study. We help you map out your tertiary journey and manage time so you can fit everything you want into life. We provide you with coaching, mentoring and resources to develop or refresh the planning, writing, research and personal skills you need to succeed in your studies.

Student Academic Support provides advice, personal assistance and self-help resources on topics like:

  • Planning your study success journey
  • Controlling and organising your time
  • Interpreting and backward mapping assessment questions
  • Research skills and finding quality academic resources for your assessment tasks
  • Academic writing
  • Referencing and in-text citation
  • Proofing and editing
  • …and much more

We want to make sure you can access the support you need when you need it and how you need it, so Student Academic Support is available in different formats. You can book:

  • 1-1 appointments – face-2-face or online
  • Small group sessions – face-2-face or online

Student Academic Support is available each day of the week at times specified on the booking portals.

The Student Academic Support office is in the Library + building.

To book an appointment, in person or online, please

For other enquiries or more information regarding Student Academic Support please email academicsupport@chc.edu.au.

All people have spiritual and pastoral needs which may affect their emotional wellbeing. The Pastoral Care team will work with you to support your spiritual and pastoral needs and concerns. We can also point you to someone to talk about your questions on:

  • the meaning of life
  • belief systems or philosophies of life
  • find out more about 鶹ýAV
  • prayer and reflection
  • relationships
  • trauma
  • mental health

Male and female staff are available for you to speak with.

Want to find out more about pastoral care at CHC, email studentservices@chc.edu.au

CHC aims to honour the uniqueness of each person. We seek to remove barriers that students with disabilities may face in higher education and improve participation, retention, and success of students with disabilities, including access to learning environments.

Who do we support?

Anyone with a disability, injury or health condition whether it is permanent, temporary, episodic or fluctuating can access Student Disability and Accessibility services. We support students who have a wide range of disabilities or conditions including, but not limited to:

  • neurodiverse conditions such as Autism, ADHD, and dyslexia, auditory processing disorders
  • hearing impairments
  • injuries that are temporary such as broken or sprained limbs, or recovery from surgery or injury
  • medical conditions such as epilepsy, arthritis, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, neurological conditions, and chronic pain.
  • mental health conditions such as anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, etc
  • mobility issues such as back injuries, spinal cord injuries, musculoskeletal injuries
  • vision impairments.

How do we support you?

We can assist with Academic Support Plans, customised reasonable assessment and exams adjustments, and advocating and liaising with academic staff on your behalf.

Disclosing your disability, injury or health condition

The information you provide will not appear on your academic record. It is kept confidentially with Disability Support and will not be made available to others without your permission (except where required by law e.g., to preserve health or safety).

We do not provide tutoring or personal care.

Register for support:

  1. Register your enquiry – 
  2. The Accessibility Support Officer will contact you either by phone, email, face-to-face or Microsoft Teams

For information about Disability Support 𳾲:accessibiltysupport@chc.edu.au

For information about government support, visit

Student Advocacy is a free and confidential service available to all students if you need help with your college-related concerns, grievances and complaints.

Student Advocacy is available to guide, support and help students:

  • Understand the intent of CHC’s policies and processes as they impact students.
  • Navigate academic rules, policies, processes and procedures.
  • Obtain fair and equitable treatment, always acting in students’ best interests.

Assistance is available if you:

  • Are unsure how to raise concerns with the relevant person or service area.
  • Feel unable to address challenging situations on your own.
  • Want help putting your case forward to the College.

Throughout the process, your advocate acts impartially and independently. Any information you provide is kept confidentially with Student Services and will not be made available to others without your permission (except where required by law e.g., to preserve health or safety).

Male and female staff are available to speak with you.

For information about advocacy:

Email: studentservices@chc.edu.au

Call Student Services on 07 3347 7976 or 07 3347 7937 (if unattended, please leave a detailed message).

Fill out the online form 

Come in and chat with us. The Student Support office is in the Library+ building.

When you study at CHC, we want you to thrive in every aspect of your life, not just your studies. We’re committed to nurturing your academic, professional, emotional and spiritual growth.

CHC Counselling and Support Centre is here to help you in the process from surviving to thriving. We offer a safe, judgement-free space where you’ll be valued and supported to explore any concern or life issue that’s impacting your well-being or preventing you from achieving your goals.

The hours of the Counselling Centre are 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.

Appointments can be made outside these hours by special arrangement with private practitioners only.

To book an appointment (sessions are by appointment only), contact our counselling centre:

Email   counselling@chc.edu.au

Read all about CHC Community here:

CHC Community


When you study at CHC, we want you to thrive in every aspect of your life, not just your studies.

We’re committed to nurturing your academic, professional, emotional and spiritual growth. We understand life doesn’t always go to plan. If you’re facing unexpected circumstances, we’ll work with you and liaise with staff to determine the best way to move forward. You can be confident bringing your concerns to us, knowing we’ll do whatever we can to help.


CHC houses its own counselling and support centre where anyone in the community can access high-quality counselling services. We believe everyone can benefit from counselling. While our trained counsellors can help with specific life issues, they can also help you thrive in life by identifying what you want and discovering a path to get you there. It’s a safe, judgement-free space where you’ll be valued and cared for.

Current CHC students can access these services for free and be counselled by our student counsellors. Having completed the majority of their course work, our student counsellors are thoroughly trained in a variety of counselling therapies and techniques.

They are mentored by academic staff and closely supervised by registered counsellors, so you only receive the highest-quality care. You don’t need a referral, but all of our sessions are by appointment only. We can organise after-hours sessions under special circumstances.

To book an appointment (sessions are by appointment only), contact our counselling centre:

Phone   07 3347 7972

Counselling is provided to CHC students free of charge and members of the public pay $20 per session if you see a Counselling prac student. This is an affordable option. Prac students have completed the majority of their training and have regular mentor and supervision sessions with an experienced practitioner. If you prefer to be referred to a private practitioner using our rooms then you pay the fee charged by that particular practitioner.


Staying healthy and well is priority when it comes to your studies. CHC does not have available any medical or allied health services on campus.

The closest medical facility is located 5 mins away at Carindale Mall. Students and staff of CHC are eligible for bulk-billed medical services at Doctors @ Carindale Mall. Students simply need to mention that they are from CHC when making their appointment and bring their student card and Medicare card to the appointment.

Please note that students and staff must be eligible for bulk billing to qualify for this benefit.

If they are not and have overseas insurance with a partner provider (NIB, Allianz and BUPA only), the practice will endeavour to provide a no-gap fee in most circumstances.

Doctors @ Carindale Mall

Call: 07 3135 9898.

Mansfield Family Practice

14 Aminya St MANSFIELD,
Call: 3422 1977

Newnham Family Dental

Shop 8/280 Newnham Rd UPPER MT GRAVATT
Call: 3172 5718

Wishart Family Dental

Shop 14/590 Mt Gravatt-Capalaba Rd WISHART
Call: 3219 1288

Chemist Warehouse

Shop 10/1230 Logan Rd, MT GRAVATT
Call: 3349 3430

Hardings Pharmacy Metropol Centre

13/738 Creek Rd MT GRAVATT EAST
Call: 3422 2133

Princess Alexandra Hospital

Call: 3176 2111

Mater Adult Public Hospital

Raymond Terrace SOUTH BRISBANE
Call: 3163 8111